Mardi Gras Southeast Texas

  • The undersigned hereby releases and discharge MGSET, Inc. and its members, agents, officers and employees (collectively, the “Released Party”) from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, suits and causes of action for damages or cost or expenses for any bodily injury or property damage arising out of or related to riding in parade or on parade floats, golfcart, atv, etc. operated by or under the control of the Released Party. The undersigned hereby agrees to Indemnify and Hold Harmless and Defend the Released Party from any and all claims, demands, undersigned and the undersigned’s heirs, successors and assigns. This Release is binding on the under-signed and the undersigned’s heirs, successors and assigns. If signed by a parent it is effective to release any claim of that parent’s minor children. MGSET will comply with all federal, state and local guidance related to Covid-19; however, due to the highly contagious nature of Covid-19 a gathering of any size is not without risk. MGSET can’t guarantee your personal safety or health. All attendees voluntarily assume all risk related to participation in MGSET events. I HAVE READ THE MARDI GRAS RULES AND REQUIREMENTS AND AGREE TO ABIDE BY THEM. I ASSUME PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY AND ALL DAMAGES TO FLOAT(S) RENTED FROM MGSETX, INC. Mardi Gras SETX reserves the right to accept or decline any application.