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How To Form a Krewe

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The concept of a “krewe” has its roots deeply entrenched in the history and tradition of Mardi Gras, particularly in New Orleans and other parts of the Gulf Coast. Originating in the early 19th century, krewes are private social organizations responsible for orchestrating the elaborate parades and balls associated with Mardi Gras festivities. The first known krewe, the Mistick Krewe of Comus, was established in New Orleans in 1857, revolutionizing Mardi Gras celebrations by introducing themed parades with floats and masked balls. This set a precedent for future krewes, leading to the formation of many others, each with its unique identity, traditions, and role in the Mardi Gras celebrations. These krewes are more than just parade organizers; they are custodians of history and tradition, embodying the spirit and culture of their communities. Over the years, the concept of krewes has evolved, with many embracing charitable and community service roles, further entrenching their significance in the cultural fabric of their regions.

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What is a Krewe?

A krewe is a group of people who get together to enjoy the Mardi Gras Season in Southeast Texas and faithfully uphold the Mardi Gras spirit throughout the year. The founders envisioned Mardi Gras Southeast Texas, Inc Mardi Gras Southeast Texas style to be organized by 18 non-profits, provide an economic development project, create racial harmony between ethnic groups and support the family affair concept. 

Selecting a Krewe Name

 When selecting a name for your Krewe they are often named after Greek Mythology. Some Krewes chose a name that is reflective of your members personality. You don’t need to worry about the meaning too much as long as it is not offensive, in good taste and reflects the purpose of Mardi Gras in concept. 

 The Guideline for By-Laws in Forming Mardi Gras Krewe are available upon request. 

Join the Parade!

 The Krewe of Krewes parades is on the Friday of Carnival Weekend. It is sponsored by Valero which leads the parade. Mardi Gras Southeast Texas rents floats to the Krewe’s that need a float at a discounted rate only to affiliated Krewes and must be reserved with a deposit which is non-refundable by December 1 each year. 

Krewes are responsible for following all rules and guidelines set by MGSETX and the City of Beaumont. 

Krewes may have a sponsor but must participate in the Sponsor affiliation program. Please call for discussion on the issue. Mardi Gras SETX reserves the right to decline or approve any proposed sponsor. 

Krewes are responsible for any and all damages or actions of your Krewe member. Please don’t embarrass MGSETX or your krewe which may jeopardize future parading privileges 

Krewes are also responsible for Float Guards who must wear neon safety vest and walk the parade route along side the float to maintain safety of spectators. Float Guards many not drink alcohol will serving as a float guard. Krewes must secure a driver(non-drinking) and tow vehicle to pull the float. 

 The Guideline for By-Laws in Forming Mardi Gras Krewe are available upon request. 

To start your crew, contact Mardi Gras Southeast Texas, 3830 Hwy 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642 409-721-8717 or 
NOTE: This is an example of what a traditional Mardi Gras Krewe would use in forming a Krewe. All Krewe rules vary along with the duties and responsibility of their Board of Directors and Members.